DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

amazon 1The DTOM Law Enforcement Fanny pack,  is the fanny pack you are looking for to carry that Glock 17,  The bag is made from a rugger CORDRA nylon and fits up to a 40″ waist.   This bag does it all there is even a place for your knife to be clipped on and concealed.   While it is large enough to conceal full size firearms along with your keys, cellphone and, extra magazine it can be concealed under a jacket or sweatshirt.  The DTOM Law Enforcement is a quality product at a fantastic price point.  www.thebestconcealedcarryholster gives this holster an overall rating of

4.5 / 5 stars      

Weight:  4.r Oz
Style:   Front and back fitting fanny pack
Material: Durable Nylon



  • Great Price
  • Rugged CORDURA NYLON self-defense carry-all fits full-size firearms.
  • Storage compartments for extra magazines, flashlight, cell phone, badge, etc.
  • Fits up to 40″ waist


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